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Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM)

Turf reinforcement mat is basically an extruded plastic mesh that offers protection, stabilization and reinforcement of turf and grass. These offer more stability than grass or turfs that are traditionally grown since the plastic mesh structure interlocks with the grass and produces a stronger reinforced grass surface. When planted properly and exposed to the right conditions, the turfs or grass on these mats can be extremely quickly. It is advisable to avoid using the area until the grass has been growly fully and the mesh can no longer be seen since it has been covered completely by the grass growth. 

Give Back Contracting specializes in providing ESC or Erosion and Sediment Control construction services which emphasizes on preservation and reclamation of the environment. The company serves different industries such as Residential Developments, Commercial, Industrial, Highways and Infrastructure, Pipeline, Mining, Oil and Gas, etc. Out of the many products and services that it offers, turf reinforcement is a popular one. The company offers two choices: turf reinforcement mat and turf reinforcement mesh. These are an environment-friendly and cost-effective way of managing soil erosion in the long run. 



























The turf reinforcement systems offered by Give Back Contracting are highly flexible. Through this solution, mature plants are anchored to the soil to offer superior erosion resistance. With these solutions you get anchor vegetation in the best possible manner as they grow three times as fast as normal turf reinforcement products like meshes or mats. Also, these are one step higher than regular vegetation as far as strength and erosion protection is concerned. The good thing about opting for turf reinforcement mesh or mat from the company is that the components of these products are stabilized against Ultraviolet or UV degradation! 

One of the top reasons why it is beneficial to opt for the turf reinforcement mat is that it is more affordable than traditional riprap systems. Also, these are extremely easy to install, there is no need of involving the use of heavy equipment and machinery! In comparison to regular turf mats and meshes, the ones from Give Back Contracting have longer design life and offer superior performance in the long run. Thus, these are the ideal choice when there is a requirement for a permanent erosion and reinforcement matrix that can be counted on. 

These turf reinforcement products are very versatile and they can be put to use in various sites such as shorelines, stream banks, high-flow channels and so on. These are a better alternative to a rock riprap, which is highly inconvenient as the heavy rocks need to be quarried, processed and hauled to the site. Moreover, it is also more aesthetically appealing to have turf meshes and mats on the site as opposed to rocks. Turf mats and meshes are a permanent solution for establishing vegetation to a particular site, therefore they come in handy in a lot of situations. So go ahead and start exploring to find out the best turf reinforcement solution for yourself!

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