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Landscaping Services


Landscaping services are an important part of creating a superior aesthetic appeal to the exterior of any property. Apart from introducing a whole new chapter to the overall look and feel of the property, a well maintained landscape goes a long way in enhancing project's authenticity, tranquility and completeness.


At Give Back Contracting, we have handled a wide range of projects of all sizes. We have invested in a highly competent team that understands the subtle details of establishing and maintaining well thought-out landscape concepts. We are well versed with different aspects of park designs, highway & ROW construction, Industrial plans, buildings & other commercial lots designs. 

Topsoil Placement

All types of Topsoil with proper analysis to meet specifications


Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Brush layering & Willow staking 

SOD Placement

Rapid establishment while requiring little water

Riprap & Mulch

Controls weeds, retains moisture and prevents erosion

And More

Fencing, Light Fixtures, Benches, Waste Recepticles, Paving Stones, Irrigation System & More...​

Commercial Landscaping

Give Back Contracting has worked on numerous commercial projects, and has built up a great deal of experience in delivering projects on time and on budget. From landscaping for buildings and other commercial lots, where we are required to create vibrant and contemporary landscapes, to high profile parks & gardens that require an inviting yet modern look – we have become experts in taking drawings & specifications and making them a reality.

At Give Back Contracting we believe that innovation & alternative solutions can enhance the project and save costs. We strongly believe that the possibilities of modern landscaping solutions are virtually endless, and when imagination and cutting edge technical know-how meet, the results can be truly exceptional. 

We have undertaken commercial landscaping projects in Edmonton and its surroundings essentially covering the whole of Alberta province & western Canada. The members of our team have been working together for years, and have overseen all manner of projects, from the complex to the most straightforward, from the large to the small ones. 

We pride ourselves in transforming numerous landscapes for commercial uses. Whether it is a bridge file, a new road construction, an industrial project, a park, a residential or commercial development you are working on in Alberta, our expertise, past projects experience, and professionalism speaks for itself and will give you a peace of mind you need when managing your project.

We are fully proficient at all aspects of commercial landscaping including:


  • Landscape design

  • Landscape construction and product installation

  • Commercial landscape maintenance and snow removal


Our team is fully professional in many aspects of commercial & industrial workplace requirements, safety standards, and knows what the grass, trees, shrubs and plants in project's location require to stay green throughout the year. Whether you are looking for edging, trimming, mowing, mulching, erosion control, weed control, retaining walls or snow removal, please contact us. 


Industrial Landscaping


We have designed and built an extensive range of industrial landscaping projects that range for simple simple seeding / erosion control solutions to a full landscaping construction scope while sticking to budgetary requirements. So whether you are interested in design, construction, installation or maintenance services, our team can help you create anything you desire. We always follow best management practices, legislation requirements, client's and Give Back's healthy & safety standards. 

Our services have a great impact on the landscape of a property. With our expertise, you can be sure you will get the same attention to detail on the smallest projects, as on the largest.

We fully understand that choosing to work with a professional is an investment of your time and money and therefore we want you to reap maximum value from this experience. The Give Back Contracting team is known for building close working relationship with clients, and this way, we are able to avoid communication issues, scheduling conflicts and budgeting miscalculations and other hassles that plague projects done by a less integrated team. This is why we get called for our landscaping services by past and returning clients.

Erosion & Sediment Control

At Give Back Contracting, you will be provided with the right erosion and sediment control plan to attenuate soil erosion. Some of these measures include:


Erosion Control Blankets

Through this technique, we are able to carry out various activities like soil erosion prevention, supporting seed germination and stabilization of the slope.

There are three types of erosion control blanket including Coconut Blanket (AT Type C), Straw Blanket (AT Type A) and Straw/Coconut Blanket (AT Type B). This method of soil erosion control is suitable in ditches, on slopes, and near water access areas.


Fiber Wattles/Logs

This method involves using wattle of different diameters, types, and lengths to control water runoff. They are three major types that can always use to mitigate soil erosion. They include aspen wattle/log (Wood-Fiber), straw wattle, and the terra tubes that can either be man-made fibers or wood fibers. Logs are installed as temporary structures to control erosion and sediment filtration and are typically used in places like ditches, channels or side slopes.


Synthetic Permeable Ditch Barrier

This product is used to decrease the velocity of water runoff in ditches or channels to allow sediment to drop out of suspension and deposit. There are multiple effective products and installation methods to install ditch barriers, let us help you find the right one for your project. 


Silt Fence

Properly installed, silt fence can effectively contain all sediment on site at the point of origin. They are typically used as construction site perimeter control or around inlets to local water courses as and erosion control method. There are several types of silt fence which vary in height, the spacing of support posts, fabric type and permeability, and wire mesh reinforcing. Silt fence can also be customized to include your company logo or another slogan. 



Seeding is one of the best erosion control solutions. Give Back Contracting can provide seeding, fertilizing, and watering services for all types of applications including: 

  • Hydroseeding,

  • Hydromulching,

  • Broadcast seeding and harrowing,

  • Mechanical Drill seeding.


Other Products & Services

Additional products installed by Give Back Contracting include:

  • Turf Reinforcement Matting (TRM)

  • Snow / Construction/ Safety diamond fence

  • Catch basin donuts/logs or sediment traps

  • Gabion baskets

  • And More...

Environmental Management

Give Back Contracting also provides consulting, engineering and project management services for all erosion & sediment control requirements. We can prepare and submit and monitor an Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) Plan on your behalf to have your project approved from an environmental sustainability standpoint.

Green Armor System
Enkamat/Futtera TRM + Hydroseeding


Why Choose Us


To us, creating unique landscapes means providing superior taste in design and material selection alongside ensuring excellence in installations, ongoing care and customer relations. From hardscaping to plant selection and the relationships we build, excellence is our guiding philosophy.

We have fashioned thoughtful, meaningful and sustainable gardens and outdoor living spaces customized to meet our clients’ lifestyle needs, budget and expectations. Our glowing testimonials, irreproachable reputation and value proposition make us a highly respected landscaping services provider in the Alberta and western Canada region. Get in touch with us today. 

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