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Community Involvement & Giving Back 

At give back Contracting we believe that giving back is an essential part of our day to day operation and it is the driving force of our organization.


Giving back to the communities we serve

As a part of full-time employment with give back Contracting we strongly encourage our employees to take an ongoing active role within an area of their interest in their local community. Every member of the give back team prides themselves on giving back and we look towards their leadership potential to help us maintain and develop this culture even further. New employees share their ideas for giving back opportunities to the rest of the team and we incorporate their involvement into our company and collaborate on future activities & events.

Giving back to our people:

We invest in each and every one of our employees by: 

  • Personal and professional SMART goals setting processes

  • Evaluation, and peer to peer review systems

  • Team Building activities

  • Flexibility in the course of professional development & Empowerment with additional responsibilities if wanted

  • Professional and Safety Courses enrollment and funding

  • Smiling & Positive attitude as a mandatory requirement

Giving back to our Environment:

By performing reclamation, environmental & erosion control work we are able to give back to the environment we are living in and to support our people & the communities we serve in the process,

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