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Give Back Contracting is offering Civil and Landscaping Construction solutions for commercial and industrial clients while specializing in retaining structures, slope stabilization, erosion control and environmental construction.
How we do it?
By providing quality work, exceptional customer service, and building long-term relationships.
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To improve people's lives and the face of the industry by utilizing the power of business.
 With offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Regina, Give Back is operating in the entire Western Canada region.


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Erosion & Sediment Control

At Give Back Contracting, you will be provided with the right erosion and sediment control plan to attenuate soil erosion. Some of these measures include:


Erosion Control Blankets

Through this technique, we are able to carry out various activities like soil erosion prevention, supporting seed germination and stabilization of the slope.

There are three types of erosion control blanket including Coconut Blanket (AT Type C), Straw Blanket (AT Type A) and Straw/Coconut Blanket (AT Type B). This method of soil erosion control is suitable in ditches, on slopes, and near water access areas.


Fiber Wattles/Logs

This method involves using wattle of different diameters, types, and lengths to control water runoff. They are three major types that can always use to mitigate soil erosion. They include aspen wattle/log (Wood-Fiber), straw wattle, and the terra tubes that can either be man-made fibers or wood fibers. Logs are installed as temporary structures to control erosion and sediment filtration and are typically used in places like ditches, channels or side slopes.


Synthetic Permeable Ditch Barrier

This product is used to decrease the velocity of water runoff in ditches or channels to allow sediment to drop out of suspension and deposit. There are multiple effective products and installation methods to install ditch barriers, let us help you find the right one for your project. 


Silt Fence

Properly installed, silt fence can effectively contain all sediment on site at the point of origin. They are typically used as construction site perimeter control or around inlets to local water courses as and erosion control method. There are several types of silt fence which vary in height, the spacing of support posts, fabric type and permeability, and wire mesh reinforcing. Silt fence can also be customized to include your company logo or another slogan. 



Seeding is one of the best erosion control solutions. Give Back Contracting can provide seeding, fertilizing, and watering services for all types of applications including: 

  • Hydroseeding,

  • Hydromulching,

  • Broadcast seeding and harrowing,

  • Mechanical Drill seeding.


Other Products & Services

Additional products installed by Give Back Contracting include:

  • Turf Reinforcement Matting (TRM)

  • Snow / Construction/ Safety diamond fence

  • Catch basin donuts/logs or sediment traps

  • Gabion baskets

  • And More...


Give Back Contracting also provides consulting, engineering and project management services for all erosion & sediment control requirements. We can prepare and submit and monitor an Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) Plan on your behalf to have your project approved from an environmental sustainability standpoint.


Green Armor System
Enkamat/Futtera TRM + Hydroseeding
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