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Environmental Construction Operational (ECO) Plan

In carrying out any project, whether it is constructing a building, building a road, or doing any type of land clearing for mining, pipelines, oil and gas, and more, exposed soil, slope and rain, mix to create erosion. Erosion quickly creates “downstream impacts, not the least being erosion from an area can deposit potentially deleterious material in streams frequented by fish, and it can also create problems with continuing to maintain a social license to operate.

Nothing shows up more quickly in a project than erosion. It is critical to having an acceptable Environmental Construction Operational Plan that addresses hydroseeding, and the potential impacts from erosion, in a proactive and environmentally responsible way.

An Environmental Construction Operational Plan that addresses hydro-seeding, as well as other necessary environmental management issues.

How To Develop an Environmental Construction Operational Plan

Developing an Environmental Construction Operational Plan takes specialized environmental expertise. It also takes a deep understanding of the regulatory and legal environment relating to environmental practices where you will operate. As well, it takes a solid understanding of social issues and how to address public acceptance for obtaining a social license to operate.

There are detailed engineering issues that must be resolved, as well as, an understanding of best practices in the field of hydro seeding and the development of Environmental Construction Operational Plans.


Who Do You Call?

Call on the company that specializes in Environmental Construction Operational Planning, delivery, monitoring, and maintenance. Call on Give Back Contracting, a company that operates throughout Alberta, developing and delivering environmental management solutions to a broad range of projects in the government, commercial, industrial, and oil and gas sectors.

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